Shelters, Pavilions & Restrooms

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Shelters & Pavilions

Shelter & Open Space Dos and Don'ts

The following items and practices are not permitted at Shelters & Pavilions:

  • NO staples, nails, tape, pushpins, tacks or paint to put up decorations
  • NO sprinkles, glitter, confetti, rice, and birdseed
  • NO consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • NO consumption of illegal drugs
  • NO smoking
  • NO grills or open flames of any kind except in established fireplaces or barbecue pits
  • NO glass containers or bottles
  • NO gambling or games of chance
  • NO admission charge, donations, or the sale of items
  • NO unauthorized vendors
  • NO littering


  • Leave facilities in the same condition as before use
  • Dispose of any trash and decorations
  • Get written approval from the Parks & Recreation Department if a commercial group uses City property to promote their products, business, etc.
  • Get written consent from the Parks and Recreation Department for amplified sound and bounce amusements (may require a Special Event Permit/Park Usage Permit)

First Come - First Serve Picnic Areas

The following parks have picnic areas available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parks & Recreation does not take reservations for these areas.

  • Chautauqua Park East
  • Chautauqua Park North
  • Cherry Harris Park
  • Cliff Stephens Park
  • Coopers Bayou Park
  • Countryside Community Park
  • Countryside Recreation Center
  • Countryside Sports Complex
  • Crest Lake Park
  • Del Oro Park
  • E. C. Moore Complex (1 - 7)
  • Ed C. Wright Park
  • Forrest Run Park
  • Garden Avenue Park
  • Glen Oaks Park
  • Henry L. Mcmullen Tennis Complex
  • Long Center
  • Martin Luther King Jr Community Center
  • Marymont Park
  • Morningside Pool
  • Moccasin Lake Nature Park
  • North Greenwood Recreation Complex
  • Ross Norton Recreation Complex
  • Sid Lickton Park
  • Woodgate Park
  • Woodvalley Park

Park Restroom Rentals

Some park restrooms are not available for regular public use.  However, residents of the City of Clearwater can reserve and utilize the restroom with a fee of $75. This fee pays for staff to open, inspect, clean, and close the facility, and for maintenance (supplies and utilities). Please note the fee will increase to $100 if the restroom is requested on Sundays, Holidays or before or after business hours.

In order to reserve a restroom, the resident must complete the Restroom Rental Permit Application Form at least two weeks in advance of requested date.

Restrooms Rentals are available at:

  • Cherry Harris Park
  • Glen Oaks Park