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Three Images of Food. Left To Right: First Image is of Crawfish, Potatoes, and Corn, The Second is a Tray of yellow rice beef and shrimp, and the last is crab cakes with lemon slices.

Interested In Becoming A Vendor At One Of Our Events? 

The City of Clearwater is proud to host a variety of events throughout the year that bring entertainment and delicious food to the City. We pride ourself in hosting a variety of vendors that not only provide a smorgasbord of delicious treats and merchandise but that also enhance the festival or concert experience.  

Qualifications to consider before applying: 

  • Must be a Legal Business 
  • Must have Insurance

Types of Spaces Available:  Please Determine Which Space You Need Before Applying

  • Full Service 15x15 or 10x10
    • 15x15 Space
    • Tent, Propane
    • Electric (110 Duplex)
    • 2 Tables
    • Dumpster Access
    • Oil Barrel Access
  • Limited Service 10x10
    • 10x10 Space
    • Tent
    • Electric (110 Duplex)
    • 1 Tables
    • Dumpster Access
  •  Small Cart 5x5 
    • 5x5 Space Only
  • Exhibitor Space 10x10
    • 10x10 Space Only
    • Electric (110 Duplex)
  • Merchandiser 10x10 
    • 10x10 Space Only
    •  Electric (110 Duplex)
  • Food Truck *some events may not allow food trucks
    • 25x15 Space Only

Events Currently Seeking Vendors: 

Clearwater Sea-Blues 2020 

Looking for:

  • 15x15 & 10x10 Food Vendors 
  • Exhibitors 
  • Merchandisers 

*Must be Ocean Friendly to participate with biodegradable items such as: cups, plates, utensils, bags, containers, etc. 

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ESPN Elite Invitational 

Wild Splash Festival 


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