Site Maps

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Before submitting you application make sure you have the following on your map: 

  • North, indicated by directional symbol or arrow
  • An outline of the entire event venue, including the names of all streets or areas that are part of the venue and surrounding area. If the event involves a moving route of any kind, indicate the direction of travel and any and all road closures. 
  • The location and dimensions of any and all physical equipment being placed, including, but not limited to: stages, merchandise vendors, food concessions, food trucks, sponsors, tents, signs, barricades, and portable restrooms, vehicles, picnic areas, firework shoot site, etc. 
  • Indicate 10' wide fire lane clearances in all areas. Areas in front of fire hydrants must remain accessible and free of any obstacles. 
  • Entrances and Exits in areas that are fenced

Coachman Park 

Station Square Park 

400 Block Downtown

500 Block Downtown 

600 Block Downtown 

Mandalay Park 

McKay Park 

Pier 60 Park 

Pier 60 Pavilion