Special Events

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The City of Clearwater Special Events Division is proud to offer beautiful locations for your next event. Our parks offer one-of-kind spectacular views and a variety of resources for concerts, festivals, weddings, races, and more.

We strive to provide knowledgeable, customer-focused service to help guide you through the planning process and make  your event memorable.

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1160 Seminole St Clearwater, FL 33755 (Administrative Offices and Permitting)

706 N. Missouri Ave. Clearwater, FL 33755 

Phone Number: 727-562-4700
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Kris Koch - Kris.Koch@myclearwater.com – Manager, Special Events & Athletics

Carla Scrivener - Carla.Scrivener@myclearwater.com – Athletics Coordinator

Antwain Hamm - Antwain.Hamm@myclearwater.com – Supervisor, Event Operations

Holden Hamm - Holden.Hamm@myclearwater.com – Supervisor, Athletic Operations

Michelle Leach - Michelle.Leach@myclearwater.com – Supervisor, Athletic Planning & Permitting

Lelia Peterson - Lelia.Peterson@myclearwater.com – Supervisor, Event Planning & Permitting

Madai Favaro -Madai.Favaro@myclearwater.com – Specialist, Events & Athletics –Public Art

Jere Gunderman -Jere.Gunderman@myclearwater.com – Youth Sports Specialist

Yiannis Halvatzis - Yiannis.Halvatzis@myclearwater.com – Specialist, Events & Athletics

Lori Burdell - Lori.Burdell@myclearwater.com – Programmer, McMullen Tennis

Lonzo Saunders - Lonzo.Saunders@myclearwater.com – Programmer, Events & Athletics